Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Green Thumb

(Isn't this the prettiest picture? I don't know where I found it, is that illegal to post it on my blog? I hope the po-po don't come get me)

Here's my dilemma. We have a 6 foot privacy fence in our backyard and the man behind us is raising doves or love birds or something. His cages in his yard are, well, ghetto looking from our view. I need to know something I can plant to shield the view. I want it to be green all year (aka EVERGREEN for the pro's familiar with the lingo). I want something fast growing too.

I would love to grow clump growing Bamboo. There are 2 types of Bamboo-the kind with runners that shoot new sprouts up to 10 feet under ground (you do not want to plant this in a neighborhood or the Property's Owner Association will come find you)...then there is the clump growing kind that blooms where it is planted. I like how tall it is and the green leaves are real wispy when the wind blows. You like that?

Holly Tree maybe?

I don't think I like Cypress looking stuff.

And I want something very affordable.

I do hope some green thumber will read this and come to my rescue.


marietta said...

Anna - I kind of have a similiar layout and the same problem. I can email you a lay out of inexpensive, evergreen plants/shrubs that a friend's husband did for me. He is a landscape architect and it is awesome! What's your email?

Becke' said...

i think my thumb is purple, not green.

i know that gardenia bushes smell awfully pretty.

but they don't get very tall.


Jennifer said...

I don't have a suggestion, but I have a couple of landscaping books you can borrow if you like. But you are not allowed to give them back to me until after we move. :)

Ellen Weiner said...

crepe myrtles, rose of sharon, fountain grass. None of those stay green all year though...the first two lose their leaves, but the last one just turns yellow (like grass! LOL). We had something in our front beds that I just pulled out that would work perfectly...don't know what it's called, but when I find out I'll let you know! :) Going to look it up now in my Southern Living plant that book!!

Ellen Weiner said...

Japanese'll know it when you see it. :) P.S. Bamboo scares me!!!

New Every Morning said...

We have some Carolina Jasemine (kinda looks like the stuff in your picture) that grows REALLY well, is an evergreen, and was cheap. It does have to have a support like lattice, fence, wall etc... perhaps bird cages? No?

In His Army said...

Sorry to say that I am not your girl when it comes to green-thumbness. But I about passed out when I saw that picture--I was so fixing to be jealous if you could grow stuff like that!!! Maybe you could let us know if you find something great--I need to shield off about an acre! ha!