Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fashion Emergency Part II

911: Now that your legs and toes are whipped into shape let's talk about your shoes. Do you have some cute sandals/flip flops and a pair of flats?

DID: Yes, and I bet Yellow Box will be coming out with their new Spring line in the upcoming weeks.

911: You are right. Wow, a smart Diva, I like that in Emergency situations. Don't make the mistake of passing up the cute Yellow Box bling when you see it. I'm looking at your chart and I see you allowed this to happen last year. Tsk Tsk Tsk. I see this happen far to often. A Diva sees a pair of Yellow Box. It is love at first site. And she keeps going. And she misses out. Then she struggles with jealousy every time she sees fellow Diva's wearing her shoes. Not good.

911: You are also going to need a pair of flats. You can wear a pair of thin trouser sock with your flats. This will be a must on cooler days when you can't wear your Yellow Box. Check Targe', the Wal-Marts and Payless. You can find these for $10 or so bucks.

DID: I'm needing some Retail Therapy anyway so this is doable.

911: Let's review our checklist so far...

  • presentable legs, even if they are looking like the ghost of Christmas past
  • pretty toes
  • sandals
  • flip flops
  • flats
  • lightweight pants (linen, denim, something light and Springy, can be pants or capris)

Stay tuned to see how our Diva In Distress fares. I do hope she makes it through her Fashion Emergency.


Jennifer said...

Wow, I had to Google "Yellow Box" to see what you were talking about. Never heard of them.

I'm in my lightweight spring pants today; you would be so proud. A nice pair of gray yoga pants, accompanied by a Toad Suck t-shirt, zippered hoodie, and old running shoes. Some might call it slobby, but I prefer the term "athletic look." :)

Seriously, this time of year always gets me. What do you wear when it's 45 in the morning and 75 in the afternoon? Too warm for a sweater, to cool for shorts...

Better is One Day in His Courts said...

Hi! I think we prayed for Kate McRae together late one night before a winter storm took our my internet connection... was that you? I thought it was so neat that we're neighbors-- I live in Fort Smith! And I thought, bugsandsunshine, that's probably a blog name, so I looked you up the other day when you some to mind after I visited Kate's journal. Anyway, wanted to say hello, and that your blog is great-- very funny and real! Have a happy, sunny day! Johnna