Monday, March 15, 2010

Fashion Emergency Part III

Dear Divas,

Having a cute, pulled together look is not about having a closet full of expensive, designer clothes.

It is about shopping SMART.

With a few key pieces you can always have something to wear.

The key to looking great is about ACCESSORIZING.





A basic, solid colored core wardrobe.

What does that mean???
Every closet should contain:

A great fitting pair of blue jeans. Pay $$$ if you have to, to get a great fit and look. Go shopping and try some high end ones on. You don't have to buy them, but try them on to see what you could look like. Save $$$ to invest in this. The beauty of a pair of great jeans is you can wear them dressy or casual. If you pair them with a cute shirt, jacket and heels you are date night ready. If you pair them with a football t-shirt, tennis shoes and a baseball cap you are soccer game ready.

A great fitting pair of black slacks.

Some solid color shirts. For sure a white, black and brown. You need t's, tanks, long sleeve, and 3/4 sleeve. These are for layering your look.

Lightweight pants or capris.

Jacket(s). Denim, Khaki, a fun color, doesn't matter. If you stay at home full time I'd say one jacket will suit you fine. If you are in the business world then you know, the more jackets the MERRIER!

A pair of flats (shoes) in either black or brown. (This is the most simple thing you can do to update your wardrobe.) This is to wear with your black pants or jeans. On those days when you want to be comfortable but look cute you can put on your jeans, flats (instead of tennis shoes), a solid color shirt and...


Here is the thing about jewelry. Right now, you either wear it or you don't. If you wear it you know how great you feel when you put that necklace, bracelet and earrings on. You sparkle. Even if it's a gloomy, rainy day you shine. Here's the thing. Your jewelry is what is going to take your look from DRAB to FAB.

This kind of closet can be built up over time. Think about simple, basic when you are shopping though. You should be able to wear your shirts with all your pants. Jackets should be able to inter-mingle with shirts and pants.

Your mission this week: Look around while you are out. Pay attention to the women that are well dressed that catch your eye. What is it about their look that you like?

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New Every Morning said...

I'll be scopin' the well dressed ladies this week.
Wait, that didn't come out right.

I'll be paying attention to the accessories. :)
Then I'll be making some design diva choices.