Monday, March 15, 2010

A Moment Of Silence, Please

I realize I have already posted once today.
This is a request for every reader to please pause for a moment of silence.
It appears my oldest two sons are outgrowing naptime.
Out of curiosity how old were your children when they gave up naps?
Do you have rest time at your house?
What does it look like?
If you're wandering if I want to go to Starbuck's for coffee to grieve the answer is yes, yes I do.


Jenny said...

Welcome to the club. Andrew stopped a couple of years ago and Parker about a year ago. They go to bed @ 8:30 though and are out like a light!

New Every Morning said...

My oldest gave up naps COMPLETELY by 15 months, so I've never had the pleasure of having a few hours of quiet to myself. So, while I'll be glad to take you to Starbucks, my empathy may be tainted. ;)

Geidlbots said...

Sam stopped napping at about 4. Occasionally, if I can tell he's super grumpy, he will take one, and it will last HOURS.

Maryn (almost 4) is trying to give them up, but we do quiet time for her and Sam. Lately, she's been begging for a nap, so I end up separating them!

Paige said...

kennedy (5 1/2) is trying to give them up, but it is killing me - i NEED my quiet time - on days she isn't going to go to sleep and i know it, i make her lay on the couch and read a book or sit at the table and color - i remind her i need some quiet time even if she doesn't

Shelia said...

chloe is at the point where naps are not consistent and i think she is outgrowing. our rule is that you do not have to sleep but you must have quiet time which is about 30 min. on her bed with a quiet activity (coloring, books, puzzles).