Wednesday, March 17, 2010

School Next Year...Public? Christian? Homeschool?

This has been the topic around our house the last week or so. What to do in regards to school for our oldest son next year.

I'd like to share our decision because we've come to one. I am very excited. It has been a process and I am confident it has been God directed.

The discussion for what to do next year snuck up on us this year. Registration for public school is tomorrow. It was nice to have a deadline for our plans.

Drum Roll Please...We will be homeschooling again next year.

Ya'll it has been a process I tell you. Homeschooling is not my first choice. Really and truly. I registered my little Hot Rod in public school last year and was very heavy hearted that I was in disobedience to God after I did it. Why the heavy heart? Our public schools are the best. Christian principles, Christian teachers, good families, lots of parental involvement, top notch really. Why not LORD? was my question. I don't know why ya'll. The heaviness was there though and I could not ignore it. So, we withdrew his registration out of pure obedience to the heaviness in our hearts that we were veering from God's plans for our family. When I withdrew his registration the heaviness was lifted. I mean instantly it was gone.

So we get to this year. My first choice would've been Christian school, public school, then homeschool. I'd like to share my journey. As you read, this post is in no way whatsoever a call for all families to homeschool. I'm not really even passionate about it (you know, like we must all homeschool or the end is near! no no no, none of that here). We're trying it again this year because separately we prayed, came together, and were on the exact same page. Isn't that God for you?! I love when he creates unity. Gives me chills. And make my heart burst with JOY!

Words God has given me to confirm this decision. John 17-many prayers for protection and sanctification.

Holiness. This is the main word that has come to mind. Holiness for my little ones. Short and sweet we want another year with him at home where we are instilling a groundwork for his little heart. As I pray for the decision Holiness is the word I keep getting.

Sacrifice. For me. I don't know. Call me lazy I guess. I can be a quitter. With his school I can't. It is a big responsibility that scares me to death. The word God gave me this morning...Anna, my righteous one will live by faith. If you shrink back I will not be pleased with you. (Hebrews)

Your Time is My Time. This is a biggie. I've been on the computer a lot less this week. It threatens to become an idol in my life. He has a job for me to do on this earth. Right now, in this season, part of my job description is teaching my kids. I didn't pick it, but I rejoice that he has a plan for me, that he revealed it, and he will equip me and enable me.

Lastly, Proverbs 31. Ahh. The final confirmation. Words I have written in my Bible about this chapter. Words that define any lot in life if done for the glory of the LORD. Hard worker, strong, gets up early, stays up late, works with her hands, helper to the helpless, plans ahead, provides for her family, invests her time in profitable trading, faithfully instructs, manages her household, her children respect her.

And then the rebuke to my soul. In all my prayers I told God what I did and did not want. Tonight I have a new prayer. Lord, I want to do whatever you want me to do. Whatever will bring the most GLORY to your name is what I desire. You can have my time, my plans, my ideas, my blogging time, my Facebook time, my year. These little boys you have entrusted into our lives are our greatest treasure. Enable us to boldly lead them in truth. You are the ultimate picture of a life of sacrifice. You finished the work God had for you to do while on earth. Please establish the work of our hands for us, Yes Lord, establish the work of our hands for us. Amen.


New Every Morning said...

First of all, those pictures are ADORABLE!!!!

Obedience never leads to regrets.
I'm so proud of you for listening to the Father (even when it doesn't make sense on paper).

Praying for you, my friend!

Heather said...

Anna, I completely understand your struggle. Even though our little one is only a year old, we can't help but starting to think about his schooling process now. Also I understand you being afraid of not being able to do a good job. Isn't that what we mothers are always afraid of? Seems like you've got it figured out. Continue to lean on the Lord's understanding and he will reward you!

Becke' said...

such cute boys!

Luke 11:18 "Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it."

John 13:17 "Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them."

Love that He spoke to your hearts...He will bless you guys in your obedience!

Mae said...

Thank you for sharing your heart and precious lessons from the Lord. You are such a blessing and testimony (Though I'm not a mom, your blogs resonate Christ to all who read it).

The Holbrook Family said...

Love it all! I am excited about your journey! i resignated about the holiness part. i think that is really good factor. i pray God's best on you girl! you are going to be a great homeschool mom :) i would love it if you were my teacher...ya ya :) luv, courtney