Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Berber Rugs-$2.50 each

We are in our sixth or seventh month of not using credit cards. That means I've been learning to prioritize what I want/need. Our new floors are a smooth white porcelain tile. When we wash our hands and turn to get the dish cloth on the oven, water droplets drip on the floor, then they get stepped on and make mud. You know about my obsession with a clean floor so to say I've been waiting 2 months to purchase kitchen rugs was a huge, huge thing for me.

I started today's post with the fact that we're not charging purchases like this because it's an adrenaline rush for me to see how God keeps providing things that we want and need. SO, Saturday I was at Wal-Mart and the Berber Kitchen Rugs were on sale for $2.50! What a great deal. There are a lot left. Red, Green, Blue, Sand, Striped, Solid. They are in the kitchen section where you can buy plates and kitcheny stuff.
Mr. Sunshine teased me and asked if he wanted me to go ahead and carpet the kitchen. Aren't I lucky to live with such a comedian?!

We are the proud owners of 5 new kitchen rugs ringing in at a whopping $12.50. It is making a HUGE difference on how clean my floor is staying. We put one in front of the sink, oven, fridge, and doors.

I took my cues from my Nantucket Cottage style and went with one blue, two sand color and 2 stripes. Before I defined my colors I would've gone with red and I would've liked it. I'll tell you what though, I am tickled about my sand and sea colors.
My tip for today: Try something new. Maybe a new color. We did not grow up with blues. My mom is Fiesta ware queen all the way. Red hot chili peppers. Caliente and bold. Don't ask me how I have such a love for beachy looking stuff but I just do. Choosing blue rugs was a step out for me. And I like it. Go with what you like. Take a chance.


Kelli Stuart said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm needing a couple of kitchen rugs myself - I think I'll go check those out! I'll take the red though please :)

Megan said...

I'm finding inspiration in every one of the pictures of your house!

Hattie said...

I just love those rugs from Wal-mart. I have a brown one and a maroon one. Love them!