Saturday, February 20, 2010

What's the Worst?

I don't want to ask, but I'm gonna.

What is the worst, out of control place in your house right now?

For me, it is my master closet. Do we have it in us to own up to the most out of control place in our home, take 60 minutes and tackle it?

We'll feel better if we do.

We have 5 days to finish sprucing up our houses to enjoy this last weekend of February to the HILT.

I'm just asking because when Monday rolls around our mission is going to be to show our biggest area that is driving us nuts some love.

We're going to need:
  • 60 minutes
  • a trash can
  • a bag marked "give away"
  • the old trusty empty laundry basket to put stuff that needs to be filed away somewhere else
  • a Bible, pen, paper and a teachable heart-oh wait-that was for church camp


Heather said...

Did you have to bring up the master closet? Okay.....I'll prepare myself.

Anonymous said...

You will be so proud of me! I went through all the kids' toys yesterday and did exactly what you said to do...BEFORE I even read your blog! Do I get points for ESP or something?

Oh, and I was getting all warm and tingly inside when you said we needed our Bibles and notebooks and teachable hearts. And, then, BAM, the best part was taken out of the equation!

Sometimes I miss the good ol days of church camp! I tend to think of Gobstoppers (courtesy of the snack shack), boys and girls swimming at separate times, and the fun of deciding which boy or boys you were going to have a crush on for the week. I am sure I learned about Jesus somewhere in there, too! :)

Strange days we live in...who else has a friend that got struck by lightning while walking into church? So glad she is ok!

Have a happy week!