Saturday, February 6, 2010


Do you keep your blinds opened or closed?

This is something I find very interesting and notice in houses. Are the blinds open or closed?

There are some houses you pass by and the blinds are never open.
Here is your good thing tip today...Open the blinds. Even if it is dark and gloomy. I think my house looks the prettiest on dark days when the lamps are on and the candles are lit.
Let the sunshine in. It will brighten your day.
So, what about you??? Do you open your blinds everyday or keep them shut?


Paige said...

OPEN OPEN OPEN. I can't stand a dark house. I LOVE natural light in my house. I think this house is naturally dark anyway (there are not enough windows). So I have lots of lamps and I OPEN the curtains/blinds as soon as there is an ounce of "day".

Anonymous said...

The first thing I do EVERY morning is open the blinds, in every room no matter if its rainy or sunny. I love to see outside (or maybe I'm just nosey)

The Merediths said...

I open my blinds. Every day. Even when I go to work. I can't stand coming home to a dark house. Even Carter will look at me in the morning, if I haven't opened them yet, and say, "Yight?" and point to the blinds. He wants them open, too.

Also, I hope you don't care but I'm putting a link to your post you put on Becke's blog on my blog. Long story short, it is what I needed to hear and it came up in convo last night with my wonderful friend Shannon. Thanks for the words of wisdom, smart mom.

Pat's Addition said...

Open...Only ones that get closed are to cut a draft in the family room at night. In fact mostly no window coverings here. How do people live in the dark? Drives me crazy to see houses all closed up, it's so unfriendly.

Nic said...

Open durning the winter and closed most of the time durning the summer. I don't like it but we can't afford the entergy bill when the sun heats up the house in summer. Just plain depressing =)