Thursday, February 11, 2010

Powder Room

How is your bathroom right now?

Are wet towels thrown on the floor?

Is toothpaste splattered on the mirror and sink?

I'll never forget when Flylady told me some advice that changed my bathroom forever.

Literally, when I heard what I am about to share with you it was like, YES! That makes so much sense. Are you ready?

Wipe down your sink & counter every day.
That's it.

My addition is get a Rubbermaid bin and put your beauty products (hair dryer, deodorant, hair spray, etc) under the sink. You can get these at the Dollar Tree. For a dollar. Ha. They look like a plastic shoe box. I use 12. Grin.

Clearing the counter of your beauty supplies makes a nice difference.

Does your counter look dingy? You can take a squirt of handsoap or shampoo and clean that counter up anytime. Try it. Squirt your washcloth with handsoap and hot water. See how nice it sparkles.


Anonymous said...

Thankfully the wet towels are not on the floor; they're hanging from the shower curtain rod! LOL

I should really try that - wiping down the counters (and maybe mirror?) each day. I bet I would feel much better if I did that.

I love bins and storage baskets. Unfortunately, no more can fit under my sink. I think I have a slight problem!

Paige said...

i love my bins under the sink. i have done that for years. one with make-up and one with hair stuff. i take them out, use what i need, then pop them right back under the sink. makes the bathroom so tidy. hubby does the same. love it!

New Every Morning said...

Haha! We've been Flylady's disciples this week!

I deep cleaned 3 of our bathrooms from top to bottom today. Ahhhh!

Marci @OvercomingBusy said...

That comment from Flylady changed my life,too! My bathroom is always clean and sparkling. It just takes a couple minutes to wipe those counters in the morning.