Monday, February 15, 2010


Today we are in the Kitchen. You know, the place we go 21 times a week plus snacks. Our home away from home. Last week my friend New Every Morning did a great post on cleaning. I decided to take her up on her advice. She said to clear everything off your kitchen counters and give it a good old fashioned cleaning. Then, only put stuff back that you love.

As the pictures will attest, I had my work cut out for me.

All that junk got cleared off and moved to my dining room table. I kept the baby occupied by filling his tray with marshmallows.

We have only lived here about 9 weeks and when we moved in my mom and I scrubbed this kitchen for hours. We washed the cabinets with Pine Sol and dish soap just like we wash pots and pans. I'm telling you that to say, after only 9 weeks I didn't know how dirty the counters would be. When I moved the nic-nac stuff I was very surprised. Dust had already accumulated.

After I cleaned the counters I began to move things back in. It was surprising how much did not make it back into my kitchen!

After I cleared the table we decked it out for Valentine's Gifts for Mamaw.

Here are the after pictures. My sweet husband and boys brought me tulips. My favorite flower. While the boys were at the card shop they were looking for a Valentine for Mamaw. They held one up to Shane with a duck on the outside and said, "Let's get this one for her!" The inside read, "Do you want a quackie?" She said it was the prettiest card she ever got.

(the bread machine is here, well, because I'm baking a loaf of bread...the idea though is that I will be a good girl and put it away when I'm done)

OK, I'm going to tell you right now. You know how I preach about how good a de-cluttering can be. You all have got to try this today. My ENTIRE home feels Sunnier, More Cheerful, Peaceful.

If you have seasonal stuff still out like I did (you know, ahem, from Christmas) take my advice and put it away. Like, right now. I'll wait...
We are baby-stepping our way to a Spring Clean house. Come March 1st we're going to be ready to enjoy the outdoors and fresh flowers because we've already Blessed Our Houses these last weeks of February. Now that's what I call a Good Thing!


New Every Morning said...

I'm so proud of you, girlie! It looks fantastic! You have some amazing workspace on those counters!
It looks so bright and cheerful. Wish we could enjoy a cup of java right there!

Marci said...

The kitchen looks great! So bright and inviting. Gives me spring fever!

Tracey said...

WOW that's a CLEAN kitchen!!! It's so bright now! Great job!!!

Wanna come clean mine now?!!

:) T