Thursday, February 25, 2010

Linen Day

Today is Linen Day.

Round up all the bed linens.

Fill the machine with hot water & soap.

Add fabric softener to make them smell and feel great.

As soon as the dryer is done, pull them out and put them on your bed.

Tonight, before bed, put on your favorite pj's.

To Do List: (before the weekend)
  • pick up all clutter & put away
  • get all 6 loads of laundry done-today
  • 10 minutes dusting
  • 10 minutes windexing
  • 10 minutes sweeping floors
  • 10 minutes mopping
  • 10 minutes vacuuming

(It takes 60 minutes to shine your house)

On tommorow's post I'm going to tell you all the fun things I have planned for my weekend...what about you? Are you thinking of some extra fun things to do?

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Geidlbots said...

Our plans changed today. We are going up to NWA for Dave's grandma's 75th birthday party. I rearranged my living room, moved a bookshelf from the LR to the sunroom. I need a fix for our telephone, though. There isn't a great place for it. Our jacks are in the sunroom, living room, and our bedroom. We already have one phone in the sunroom. I am not sure where to put Lucy is playing with it. Not good especially if she calls Nepal. I don't know if Dave will like my new arrangement, but I thought I'd give it a try. I think it opens up the room more. Off to launder those diapers and sheets!