Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Living Room

We have a little more than a week before we treat ourselves to a night or two of pampering. Today we are talking about the Living Room. Are you needing inspiration to spruce things up in your space? Find a picture you like and re-create it the best you can.
(image courtesy of Pottery Barn)

Here are some ways you can show your Living Room some love today.
Clear the clutter. Grab an empty laundry basket and anything that doesn't belong should be placed in the basket and put away. This should take 5 minutes.
Look around. Do you LOVE your nic-nacs? If you have something sitting on that table that you think is U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi you ugly. Take that ugly stuff that doesn't make you happy and put it in a trash sack labeled yard sale and get it out of your house. I'd venture to say you are going to enjoy a simplified room more than one filled with stuff you don't like anymore. Try to think outside the box on your stuff. Can it be given new life with a can of spray paint? Try putting it in a new place to see if it looks nicer there.
Get your can of Windex & Pledge. Polish everything up.
You are going to smile after you do this.
I promise.

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Geidlbots said...

Anna, I love you and how encouraging you are. I love how you strive to spur us on to show our homes and our families a little love by sprucing it up! You get a gold star today for making me grin. I am going to go spruce up the living room.