Friday, February 12, 2010


Do you have a long wall in your living room with no windows on it? The first idea you probably have on a wall like this is to push a couch up against it and hang a large print above it. Today I'm going to give you some ideas in case you are in the mood to mix it up a bit.
This is my friend Khristy's beautiful living room. She and her husband decided to get rid of the T.V.! Isn't that great? After they removed it she was left with a bare spot on her wall. She called me over today and it was such a ball. So, what to do with that big wall?
My advice is break the wall up into 2 sections. What I mean by that is put something tall midway-ish on the wall. A ficus tree, angled chair, bookshelf, etc.

We angled the rug in the room then placed the furniture on an angle. Khristy had 3 pictures so instead of hanging them far apart we grouped them together to make a bigger impact. We brought in the tall bookshelf to create some filler space on the wall. We brought her cute lamps that were in her bedroom and gave them a new home in the Living Room.

We were digging furniture out of the garage, laundry room, anywhere we could find something new and interesting.

I had a ball moving stuff around. Us girls have to stay together. The menfolk want us to draw diagrams on paper so they only have to move the furniture once. Yeah right. I have to move it around 9 times, sit and take it all in, then move 7 more things around till it feels just right. When it's time to rehang the pictures the menfolk want us to get out the laser level, drill, hammer, plumb line, wall sinkers, tape measure. Us womenfolk don't have time for all that. Give me a hammer, a nail (any size will do) and let me eyeball it.
(ok it's me again...i just started my blog browsing and nester posted a fantastic post about your family room. oh how we love her! she has some amazing ideas so have fun checking them out! i feel so honored, she said pull the couch away from the wall too. see, i wasn't just making stuff up :) haha)


Jennifer said...

I laughed when I read this... yes, I have a couch with a picture over it on my long living room wall. :) But actually, we used to have it arranged differently, and the way it is now really opened it up and makes it seem so much bigger.

I'm enjoying your series. After we move I may need some help with the master bedroom... I've got to do something different. I actually bought fabric to make a quilt back before Anna was born, but I really don't see that happening anytime soon. :)

Shelia said...

I need you over! We need a new room arrangement in our living room. Kyndel and I played around with it a couple of weeks ago. And both said we need Anna. When you get back from your trip let me know!

Caligirl said...

I love this. I am constantly moving furniture around. I get tired of the same set up. I like change and I love to clean. So it give me an excuse to deep clean. :-) I love how the house smells and looks after a good scrubbing. Does that make me weird?

marietta said...

I love re-arranging! And I NEVER put a couch on a wall. Yuck. Also... is this Khristy Oden's living room? I hope you were doing all the moving since she is about to pop! haha! It looks great!