Wednesday, May 27, 2009

OK I'll Change If That's What You Want

Last week I ran to Wal-Mart for a few groceries. On the way I realized I had not eaten much that day and my blood sugar was dropping. I started getting light headed and knew I needed to eat. My quickest option was to run into the McDonald's and get a $3 little meal to pick me up.

While I was sitting there I began to feel so guilty. Or convicted is probably a better word. In thinking about how I spend my time and money God began to show me what a horrid steward of my resources I have been. A tiny bit of planning would have saved my family $3 and probably been much healthier.

I've been talking about relationships a lot lately and that's because in the whirlwind of the dailyness of life I have seriously been neglecting relationship in my life. Getting into that routine where you just do what you can to get through the day.

My goal for our family is to live a simple life so that this can change. That means working hard and/or denying myself. For example, I want to be done with housework/laundry and at the dinner table as a family by 6:00pm. That means whatever did not get done has to W.A.I.T. until tomorrow. That also means we consider what we sign up for that takes away time from our family.

Ya'll have probably heard of "couch time." We have not done this mainly because we laugh at the cliche' of it in Christian circles (I know, we need Jesus). BUT, we are starting. Sitting on the couch for the first 10 minutes Shane comes home to talk about our days is good on so many fronts. If we don't make that time right then and there then zoom-we're off to dinner, bath, bedtime, etc...and we have no idea how the other person is doing. It also creates security for the boys seeing us spend uninterrupted time talking.

We are making Sunday a different day of the week than the rest. Some parameters we have set for Sundays are: no grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, computer, video games. I want the boys to know that there is one day of the week that we sacrifice things for the Lord and that we make different. And this is not easy. Sunday's the hubster is usually home, giving an extra set of hands that would make many things easier and quicker to accomplish. But from what I'm reading in the Old Testament there is blessing in stopping. Denying yourself. Being different and set apart. Distinguishing between the common and the Holy.


Megan said...

This is good stuff, Anna!

Leslie said...

I like this post very much. It is so hard to deny self(especially when you are stopping something that is a relativly GOOD thing like cleaning.) and make yourself available to your family.

About my post...I bought an ice pop mold and just poured regular yogurt and applesauce in and it froze nicely. When I was ready to take them out I simply ran a little warm water over the mold and they just come out. The girls LOVED them!! Even Addi. It'd be a great snack for Jack Jack!=)