Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summer Is Upon Us

I am working on some organizational things in my life which is very difficult for me. Here is a rough sketch of the gridwork I've laid out. Feel free to throw in your two cents worth on organizing your time.

Daily Schedule:
8:00am Wake-up/Get Ready
8:30am Breakfast, Devotions, Unload Dishwasher
9:00am Free Time, Laundry, etc
10:00am Baby Nap, Kids "School Time", Book Reading, Quiet Play, Anna Chores
11:30am Lunch
2:00pm Nap Time (kids pick up toys before naptime)
4:00pm Dinner Prep, Tidy House, Finish Laundry
6:00pm Dinner Time, Quittin' Time for Chores (besides cleaning kitchen dishes and floor & final toy pick-up)
8:00 pm Bath Time, Brush Teeth, Nighttime Devotions & Book
9:00pm Bedtime

I am not seeing the productivity in my days that I want to. Our days are ever changing and the kids and I need some structure. This is not my nature, but I am trying. I feel like that lady on Flylady living in C.H.A.O.S. (can't have anyone over syndrome). Even if you hate the emails you get from Flylady there are some tried and true things I always fall back on.

When you are overwhelmed:
  • Make Your Bed
  • Get Dressed & Put Shoes On
  • Go And Clean Your Kitchen

Another one of her tricks I like is to rotate which bathroom you bathe the babies in. While they are splashing around, clean that bathroom. Also, it is amazing how nice your bathroom will feel if every single day you wipe down the counter/toilet/and swish some cleaner in the bowl.


Geidlbots said...

Keepin' the house clean for showings has gotten me back on track. I need the motivation. It's sad, though. I should want to do it for my sweet family! By the way, Orange Pledge makes me happier than any cleaning product. It smells SO good. I would dust with it every day if it wasn't so expensive...I use my Flylady duster in between pledge dustings. It works SO much better than the cheap feather duster I got at Walmart. It really picks up the dust bunnies and dust flecks. I shake it out in the sun and watch them all fall out. It feels good.

Geidlbots said...

I know they're kind of pricey (I got 3 for $5 on sale), but the Clorox wipes have been great for the kitchen and bathroom cleanup. I have also used baby wipes. I try not to use a towel b/c I get all the dirty laundry and throw it in the washer before a showing. I didn't know you shampooed the duster...interesting. I packed away half of the kids toys and that has helped A LOT. They have also learned what I expect for their room to look like. I'm trying to help them remember to put things back when they're done with it. I've given everything a place. That makes last minute pickup even better. Also, I vacuumed my kitchen! I put it on the lowest carpet setting, and it picked up all the noticeable junk on the floor so I didn't have to get out the broom. I can always do that later, but when a realtor calls, and I only have an hour to get out of the house, that kind of thing saves a lot of time.

Leslie said...

I like the flylady stuff but it just doesn't work for me because I end up feeling the need to CLEAN everything EVERYDAY. What I've done is set aside one day for cleaning and that's prett much all I do all day besides keeping up with the littles. During the week I keep the house manageable, and I have two things that are "my thing" I always make the beds and I ALWAYS have a clean kitchen.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea... why don't your rotate your babies bath on over to one of my bathrooms;) I've got some cleaner all ready for ya! :)

I will be out for summer in 4 days and I'm expecting to put together a little schedule of my own soon so my days don't waste away!

Kelli said...

Love the idea of "school time." I'm going to implement that into our summer schedule. Looks like a good schedule you've got laid out. Good luck!