Monday, May 4, 2009

Granny-Bad news & Good news

Saturday night my old cell phone which was Shane's old cell phone died peacefully in his sleep.

It was sudden.

I probably lost your number because of something about a SIM card or somethin'.

If you've left me a voicemail since the accident I don't hate you, I just have no idea what your number is.

So that's the bad news. I need your phone number and probably need to call you back. The good news is..BUT NOW, (I listened in big church! BUT NOW are great words right?)

I got a NEW PHONE. Walked right into AT&T and told our good buddy John,
"I'd like the most basic, affordable, good quality phone you have."

He showed me a couple and they were fine.

I said, "Boy, I'm old school and would really love a flip-phone."

He reluctantly said, "Well, we do have the grandma model."

"Oooh yes, let's take a look at that!!!....OH YES! This is the phone Mamaw has, I LOVE it, I'll take it!!!"

Fast forward to check-out- I told John hey, let's keep this transaction confidential OK! I don't want the whole world knowing I got me a grandma phone, to which he replied, "At some point you will answer your phone in public and someone will say, man that's an old phone you got there, and you'll say, actually it's brand new!"

Yea. I love my new phone. Her name is Granny. If you ever need to borrow her, please come see me. She's black and I did not even have to read a manual to figure her out.

It felt great to make a solid, quick decision. I told John, I want simple. SIMPLICITY. Granny came through. Mamaw's is white and her's is really pretty but Granny is only coming in black these days.

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team larsen said...

Oh my goodness! That made me laugh out loud! Thank you!!!