Thursday, May 7, 2009

Buzzzzzyyyy Bees

I have not abandoned my blog although it probably seems like it. These last 4-6 weeks has just been a haze. Lots of sickness, putting our house on the market, birthdays, I don't know, it's just been wild.

So, what's new with us? I got some bangs cut. I really wanted to put the hack on my hair but when Robin showed me how the length would look it just made my face look rounder, so for now I'm staying long. If I loose a little weight I'll get it chopped. If not, I'll just keep wearing really big earrings with my long hair.

Have you ever gotten a spray tan? They are really great and we found a local place today that does it for $45. It will last you about 7-10 days so if you are wanting color for a special event it is a wonderful option.

We've been trying to be intentional about spending time with friends. I'll be blogging about this soon.

I have requested Mexican food for Mother's Day so I am very happy about going to Cantina Laredo for dinner. They have the best margaritas, guacamole, cheese dip, and enchiladas. I can't wait.

Right now all the boys are at the store with their dad so I am enjoying the quiet house. I just watched the Today show interview with Kate Gosselin. We love their show and I hate to hear all that is going on with them. Boo.

I'm going to go get dinner ready for my gang but I just thought I'd hop on with my big feathery bangs (thank you humidity) self and say howdy. Please pray that I learn how to chi these beasts or that they will grow a bit so I can properly bobby pin them back. Thank you and that's all.


Amanda said...

Hey girl,
I know you are probably an AI neighbor got us in tomorrow downtown at the concert with a promise of a picture with Kris! Lord knows I never have a connection, so I am pumped! Supposedly our "connection" is going to get us down front! we'll see... are brave, girl. I don't think I'll ever have those puppies again. They create too many tears.

Jennifer said...

I've decided to go straight again. Yesterday I pulled out the hairdryer and straightening iron again got MY hair back. Ahhhh... this is what my hair is supposed to feel like! Smooth, silky, shiny... not like the unruly wet mop I've been walking around with for 3 weeks.

If you're not in a hurry to get your curly book back, I'd like to scan in a few pages when I get a chance in case I ever want to try it again. Maybe I'll like it with shorter hair.