Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quick Recipes

I am compiling a list of very quick, easy to assemble, go-to recipes for those nights when we are either playing outside or going to a ball-game. I am also getting quick ideas together for Sunday lunches. When I say quick, I'm talking 10 minutes or less to assemble. If you have a quick thing you like to fix will you please post what it is? And don't be embarrassed if it isn't gourmet. I need some ideas. Here is what I have so far:

  • cereal and fruit
  • hot dogs
  • sandwiches
  • nachos
  • hot ham and cheese
  • steam bags w/ chicken or fish, veggies, season, butter, microwave
  • mozzarella sandwiches and pizza sauce (recipe in comments)
  • garlic chicken voila (frozen meal for stovetop)
  • corn dogs and fruit
  • fish sticks, mac cheese, veggie
  • quesadillas
  • omelette's
  • crackers, ham, cheese, yogurt
  • salsa shredded chicken (recipe in comment section)
  • crock pot recipes

See, I need some more ideas.


the condrays said...

omelettes in a zip lock bag - email me for details.

Leslie said...

Anything in the sip n steam bags. You can make something FANTASTIC by just throwing some fresh veggies and chichen, fish, or whatever meat in and popping that dude in the microwave for a few minutes.
We LOVE Tilapia with frozen broccoli and cauliflower. Just add lemon juice, cavenders, garlic salt, and a little butter. I'll also put on some minute rice so that it can be going while I'm getting the other ready. GOOOOOD!
We also like Mozzarella sandwiches with pizza sauce. You make it just like you would grilled cheese only use french bread and mozz cheese. You can get a jar of pizza sauce for $1. CHEAP AND EASY!!=)

~Savannah said...

Have you tried Voila? It's a frozen meal in a bag. Our fave is Garlic Chicken- chicken, carrots, broccoli, corn, spiral noodles in a delicioso garlic sauce. It takes like 7 minutes on the stovetop. I've even gone so far as to add a can of corn, frozen broccole, boil more noodles and use pre-cooked tyson chicken chunks.
Anyway, it's deeeelish

NEDDIE said...

Here are some quick things we eat:
- corn dogs with fresh fruit
-fish sticks, mac-n-cheese, green beans
-cheese quesadillas (sp?), salsa and salad
-grilled cheese, strawberries and cold chocolate milk (yum!)

This kinda sounds like a school menu...lowfat milk of choice..HA! These are fast and yummy!

Geidlbots said...

Don't forget about the crockpot too. I've got a bazillion wonderful crock recipes that are wonderful, and it doesn't make the house any hotter than it is in the summer. Most only take a few minutes to throw everything in and then by the time you're ready for dinner, scoop and eat!!! Let me know if you're interested, and I'll compile some for you that I love.

Jenny said...

fried rice
quesadillas (sometimes I put cheese and ham in them)
we do omlets a lot
crackers, ham, cheese and yogurt (they think they're getting a lunchable;)
fried bologna (we don't do this much but mine LOVE this;)
Peanut butter and jelly! the boys actually just like Peanut butter and they always have strawberry milk with it;)

Alison said...

One crockpot meal that I use is Salsa Shredded Chicken.

One pkg chicken tenders
One bottle of salsa
Taco Seasoning

Put the thawed chicken tenders in crockpot, pour salsa over the chicken and sprinkle in some taco seasoning. Turn on Crockpot and let it cook until the chicken shreds easy with a fork.

Can be served in hard or soft taco shells, chips as chicken nachos, or any other way you can think of at the time!

Recipe came from Weight Watchers.

the condrays said...

pizza biscuits! cheap (non-flaky) biscuits topped with pizza sauce, meat of your choice (we like the little baby pepperoni slices), and cheese. then bake 'em. it's quick, it's cheap, it's easy! start to finish about 10 minutes.

the condrays said...

and i agree with NEDDIE on the quesadillas....we do them all the time with whatever we have on hand...great with a few rotel tomatoes sprinkled in too.