Tuesday, June 2, 2009

High Maintenance

Wednesday night I was packing to leave for a 4 day trip. In true "me" nature, I had Shane bring me the carry-on because naturally I think of myself as low maintenance. I know, I hear you laughing about that and I'm laughing too.

The carry-on would not even serve as a sufficient HBA bag for me (health and beauty aid ;) , much less carry other necessities like oh I don't know-clothes, Bible, pj's, etc.

So-ho-oh...51 pounds later, my big red bag was filled to the brim with everything I needed to combat Texas humidity & any change in mood I might encounter regarding my clothing situation. The problem is, you never know if you are going to feel like wearing your hair naturally curly or straight, so you really have to come armed with all hair weapons.

When suitcase came out of the luggage shoot at the airport with a big red tag around that handle reading, "HEAVY, Bag may require assistance to carry".

I've never been prouder.


Leslie said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm laughing so hard at the thought of you lugging that bag around. So, do you need help?=)
Are you going to be at book club tonight? I missed seeing you on Sunday. Were you gone then?

Jennifer said...

That is funny!

I've never been successful at the carry-on-only thing even for a short trip, because, really, you need the same health/beauty stuff whether it's one night or two weeks!

Jenny said...

I'm the queen of LOW maintenance for REAL! I could take a small backpack and stay at least three days... as long as I have enough money for snacks:)