Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lime Coolada

Becke' I'm thinking you especially need a bottle of this stuff you big beach bum! It is really great stuff and you even get a little tub of the new body butter to try. It has a really good aloe vera in it and mango butter. It smells great.

Don'tcha just love this sunny weather? It's so great. We made our run to the store for sunblock today. I did the annual-it's so nice outside let's play for a long time and get all burned- gig Monday. Every year I just forget about that darn sun! When it is in the 70's it just doesn't feel like you should get burned.

I got the Coppertone spray stuff for the babies. It was a little more expensive but I figure the quickness of it will be worth the extra few bucks.

We are also to the stage in life where we have to have a first aid kit at all times. So, I stocked us up with all kinds of band-aids, wrap stuff, Neosporin, etc to keep in the bus. The ball field is just nuts. Every week someone gets a boo-boo.

Everything seems to be winding down for the year and it is a great feeling. GR-REEEAAT!

We switched the baby to whole milk last week and it tore his tummy up. It was awful. Then we tried lactose free milk and that wasn't any better on his tummy. Then we tried Soy-Milk and he is tolerating it like a champ.

Does anyone know if it's nutritionally the same to give vanilla soymilk versus regular soymilk?


Michelle said...

Love Love Love the Lime Coolada. I like all year round when you can get it because it makes me feel like I am at the beach.

Anonymous said...

did you have to call me a "big" beach bum? How bout' am eensy teensy beach bum! Lime Coolada! Michelle gifted me some just for the trip! Love it!

Jenny said...

hahaha:) i think you've offended that teeny-tiny beach bum;)
now, i want to go to the store and buy that stuff.

i started piper on whole milk 3 weeks ago. i still nurse her but she gets whole milk while i'm at work. she didn't have a problem. i remember after we started andrew on whole milk. he did fine with whole but one time when we were visiting texas cam's fam only had 2% and it TORE him up! it was SO sad!!

Leslie said...

The doctor once told me that as far as milk goes that if it needs to be flavored for them to drink it go for it. I'd say just get whatever he can drink. We had to do rice milk with Olivia for a lonnng time. It seems to be pretty easy on the tum.

Sarah said...

The same thing happen with my J when we switched him to milk. He was a vanilla soy drinker for about a year. Note: when traveling bring soy milk with you because they don't sell it in convenient stores.