Monday, March 16, 2009

The Family Table

Did you grow up sitting around the table as a family for dinner? We did and it was usually very entertaining and the food was always good.

This simple practice seems like a lost art in today's busy society. At our house it is my desire that we eat dinner as a family most nights. By 6:00pm I want to be sitting down, as a family, to an unrushed dinner.

6:00pm is my cut-off time for house work for the day. The time where my focus shifts and is not on the house/chores/ga-zillion things that could be done. Or I should say this is the pattern I am striving for.

To make this happen it means I have to either plan ahead or deny myself.

The Family Table is a time to enjoy good food and conversation as a family (and/or with friends you've invited over). It is not the place for correction/rebuke etc (unless you have young children you are training for good table manners), we will make other times for that. I want my boys to remember dinner time as one of the highlights of the day. A place where they can come and talk and be heard. A place to laugh and enjoy the rest of the family, and of course my gourmet cooking.


Savannah said...

We, all of us, really love it when we have dinner together at the table. We recently bought a new one that has 4 chairs.... and a bench!! The kids love the bench. It's been hard to gather us all together, usually I'm feeding Bellah right around dinnertime, but we are slowly coming back to a good nighttime routine... starting with supper.

I like your self-imposed deadline for work... I think we'll steal that idea!

Becke' Stuart said...

speaking of gourmet cooking...I have your recipe of Italian beef in the crockpot and the smell is about to do me in! It smells so divine!

We grew up eating around the table...or a huge bar where we all fit together. I loved Mom's cooking...still do! No one can cook like Momma! (Maybe my boys will say that someday about me!)

I like your idea about cutting off housework at a certain seems like I am always finishing up laundry at night...even if it is started in the morning. It reproduces, I swear.

Good word!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

actually that recipe is shane's mama's recipe who also happens to make a mean pan of mac and cheese!

Kimm at Reinvented said...

You are SO right, and this is something my family needs to make a priority. We don't eat together very often, my kids are 14, 12, 9 and 7 and their schedules are crazy. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jenny said...

Love the picture!!!
I love dinner time. We are usually all at the table between 5:15 and 6ish and I just LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetest One -

That is a WONDERFUL plan. Enjoy your beautiful family during dinner, and then after dinner just have fun with them - the house will wait. Believe me on that. The house waits, but the Baby Angels don't. Every chance you take to make them priority will reap you (and them) great rewards.

And regarding dinner at your table (ah what wonderful dinners we have had there...), well all I can say is call me when it's ready....YUM-O-LICIOUS.

Love YOU!!!