Monday, March 2, 2009

Our little baby has pneumonia

Hey ya'll, I wanted to post and ask if you think of it to pray for our baby. He has pneumonia. Pneumonia scares me. We knew of someone who lost their child to it, and ever since then I am scared of it. There has been plenty of opportunity in the last couple days to re-surrender my fear to God and keep choosing to trust him in the midst of being tempted to worry. We took Jibs to Children's Saturday night because his breathing was so bad. They got him fixed up and we're at home. He is one sick baby right now. We're going back to the doc tomorrow morning.

Listen to what I read in my reading the day we found out he had pneumonia (that at the time did not seem too relevant to my circumstances, but now are very applicable...oh God's timing)

KEEP YOUR EYES ON ME! Waves of adversity are washing over you, and you feel tempted to give up. As your circumstances consume more and more of your attention, you are losing sight of Me. Yet I am with you always, holding you by your right hand. I am fully aware of your situation, and I will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you can bear.

Your gravest danger is worrying about tomorrow. If you try to carry tomorrow's burdens today, you will stagger under the load and eventually fall flat. You must discipline yourself to live within the boundaries of today. It is in the present moment that I walk close to you, helping you carry your burdens. Keep your focus on My Presence in the present.

Psalm 73:23, I Cor 10:13 (devotion from Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young)

Here is a video of our sweet, sweet boy. Jibs is such a little ball of energy. Always exploring and chasing his brothers around the house. His little nose often is orange thanks to sweet potatoes, carrots and peaches. I pray he gets to feeling better soon and in the meantime am cashing in on good lovin'. Oh I love that child!