Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby Clothes

We have a ton of baby clothes. I am trying to decide if I should hang on to them just in case or give them away.

Everything in me wants to get rid of it all and be free of the space in the attic they take up.

A big part of me wants to keep them for a few more years just in case.

Last night I was glad I had kept the other boys clothes and resisted throwing them away a couple years ago when I hit this wall. I found 2 bags of precious summer clothes and shoes, good stuff, that will fit Jibs this Spring/Summer. A huge,huge money saver.



Sarah said...

My suggestion: It's almost silly to say that you will not buy anything new for the youngest kiddo. Keeping that in mind, I would suggest you go through what you have now and keep only the items that you really really like. (The ones that you go "Awwwww" when you hold them up!) Get rid of items that are faded or out of date. I had this dilema myself since I have 2 kiddos close together. By doing it this way, Luke already had a base wardrobe and then I just added a few new pieces.

Jenny said...

I agree with Sarah.... I'd only save the SUPER cute stuff!!
Personally though I'm getting rid of all of Piper's and the boys. I really haven't spend much money on Piper's clothing and I didn't really get any hand me downs from anyone. I bought all of it at consignment, yardsales and ebay and they're all super cute and cheap!!

Wendy said...

I agree with Sarah. Keep the cutest stuff. It also depends on how serious you are about "just in case". If you don't think you're going to have any more, then sell what you can while it's still current and you can get some money for it. If you wait a few years, it'll be all dingy and you won't be able to sell it or use it.

Sara F. said...

When you figure it out, let me know because I can't part with anything......yet. I'm not ready to say "never again" just yet. :-)