Saturday, June 28, 2008

Computer Day Off

Yesterday I took the day off from my computer and it was really good. Last night we invited Mamaw over for dinner. The menu: Aunt Twinkies Mexican Chicken, Chips & Salsa, Sweet Tea. Dessert: Sonic Shakes of course! What else is there? I started doing the math last night and I think they've been "on sale" for 2 months. Hmmm...

The pineapple shakes are really over the top good. They sound gross don't they? Stinky Pete ordered one once, and I tried it and that was it for me! They take vanilla ice cream and put crushed pineapple in it. Tastes like a banana split. It's a good summer choice.

I'm not sure if it is the weather or not, but I have the worst headache that I can't make go away. Yikes!

The big boys are playing happily in the floor with some big bubble wrap. They got butter knives out and are popping it. I know, I'm taking the butter knives away...what kind of show do you think we're running around here?

Yesterday we planned out our calender for the rest of the year. Shane has gotten really good at doing a year long youth calender. It was fun to see when broomball will be, the youth and family Christmas dinner, etc. We even put a vacation on the books! We are taking my Premier income and trying to be strategic with it. We give some away, tithe, then divide the rest up. Half goes to debt and the other half of whats left goes to me to reinvest in my business or to spend on whatever I want. We'll see what kind of saver I can be! If we end up with a one night stay at Petit Jean in a tent, you'll know I didn't do so hot :)!! If we end up in Orlando, then you'll probably want to see me about more info regarding the jewelry business , haha!

Shane killed a baby Copperhead in the front garden last night. Gross. We sprinkled snake away in the flower bed like it it was what? Oh, like it was snake away. Like there was no tomorrow. (i'm trying to see how dramatic I can be here and it's not working very well) Probably because my head is about to explode and my kids are pouncing their little hearts out on bubble wrap.


Jennifer said...

Oh, those darn Sonic shakes! I don't even know how many we've had anymore. We like the caramel ones. Do you think this "sale" will last all summer?

the Percifuls said...

Sonic's pineapple milkshakes have been a favorite of mine for ages!

Stuarts said...

I get horrendous headaches when I combine hot weather, sleep deprivation and dehydration all together. The only thing you can conrtol is the dehydration. Drink lots and lots. Hopefully it goes away soon. And I'll be trying a pineapple milkshake soon,

Anonymous said...

WHAT/???????? AND YOU FAILED TO CALL YOUR LIVES-BY-HERSELF-NEIGHBOR AND WARN HER ABOUT THIS SNAKE???????????????????????????????????? OH MY! You have a right to be dramatic with the snake away. Amy.

Anonymous said...

I like stuarts idea about drinking lots and lots