Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Can't See, Grrrrr.....

My glasses just broke. They are the ones that have brand new lenses, grrrr. Because I am a ding dong sometimes, I put the little piece that broke on top of the kitchen cabinet. I had a feeling that might not be the best place, but thought surely I would see the part and remember it was there.

After I placed it lovingly on the counter, I decided to go on a cleaning spree. I was dusting, windexing, cleaning bathrooms, the works, and I ended in the kitchen. I got my sink full of sudsy water (which for some reason brings me much joy to see the suds in the sink!!!) and I went to town on my counter tops. I got done with the cleaning, and excitedly put my glasses on to have some computer time. That's when my heart sank because I realized I washed the part to my glasses right down the drain.

I have a spare pair but do you think I can find them anywhere right now? NOOOOO!

This is the funny part. I just stood at the sink staring at the drain like it was going to bring the piece back. Sniff Sniiff.

Update: I went to the glasses place and they fixed my glasses! Yeah!


the Percifuls said...

Feel free to come over & go crazy cleaning my house anytime you want! I won't even complain if you wash my glasses down the sink. :D

Anonymous said...

I have a spare you can wear if you need to. However, I AM REALLY BLIND...:)
How are you woman??? I am sad to think that I have made it almost an entire month and I only chatted with you for what 2 seconds? I need some Anna time before I leave the country! Amy B.

The Uptons said...

Girl,where does your energy come from? Can't remember the last time I went "crazy" cleaning the house. I hate that pit in your stomach when something like that happens, but I am glad they were able to fix it for you! yay!

Stuart Fam said...

You rubbed off on me...I went crazy cleaning this morning. I even washed decorative throw pillows, for crying out loud!