Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday Night Fun

Oh the action never ends! Here is a recap of our night last night. It started with the most awesome lightening storm you ever saw! I got Moose out of bed to see, Stinky Pete was already out cold. Moose did not like the lightening. He said it was too big. Then he wanted his Dad to hold him. At midnight, the heavens opened up and unleashed the rains. It poured down so hard we just couldn't stop watching. It was a spectacular display. The wind was blowing very fast-some reports up to 70mph. About 12:30am I peeked out the front door and said, "SHANE, WE ARE STARTING TO FLOOD AGAIN, WE NEED TO MOVE THE CAR INTO THE GARAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I almost called you to freak out on the phone with a good friend, but you were already in bed. You big ol' Party Pooper. Always getting beauty sleep when I need you the most. Anyway. We brought the toy car/bike/scooter convention indoors in order to save our vintage Camry.


Jenny said...

LOVE THE SONG!!! Too funny that you got Reed up and he didn't like it:) sounds like something I'd do.

the Percifuls said...

I think I'm glad I'm out of town right now. My Dad sent me pictures today of the damage they sustained when a bolt of lightning hit one of their trees, travelled down it, then bounced back into their brick fence. Scary! I'm so glad you're all OK!