Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Open Floor Plan

Hello boys and girls!! Today we are going to talk about the open floor plan.

It is my very favorite plan in a house. If I am going to be stuck in the kitchen 21 times a week plus snacks do you think I want to be looking at the khaki sheet rock while everyone else swings from the chandeliers without me? No way hose'.

There are some super cute houses I've been seeing online, but many of them don't have the open floor plan. That's because a man designed the house. Now the living rooms, oh yeah, grand let me tell you! Room enough on that wall for a flat screen the size of Texas. Room enough for 13 recliners with beer holders. That's ice tea holders for my more conservative readers. A bathroom right off the living room. Yup. All the amenities he needs.

But this mama needs that open floor plan. Sister friend likes to eat and cook and she doesn't want to be stuck in tinbucktwo by her lonesome! All that said, if we find a new house it has to be an open floor plan.

Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa is a fabulous cook and hostess. Her show always has a theme, like "Geoffrey is coming in from East Hampton and we are going to grill kabobs on the veranda and it's going to be really special..." She makes meatloaf night sound like it is the grandest thing you've ever heard of.

One of the ideas I love most about her style is including your guests in the meal preparations and cooking together. It takes all the last minute stress off you if you are hosting because everyone gets involved. She always has some kind of fun drink. Again, for my more conservative readers in now way am I suggesting anything other than water's with lemons.

Ohhh, and have you ever seen a hearth room? So completely wonderful! It is like a little nook off the kitchen with a fireplace. Very nice.

Here's the deal-when this youth ministry gig takes off and we start making the big bucks I'm going to design my dream house and you will see what I'm talking about. I'll have you over for kabobs and it will be really special. We'll even invite Geoffrey.

If after reading this you have the hankering to knock a wall down call me. I'm free after 8:30 tonight and I can bring my own sledge hammer...


the Percifuls said...

I hope I can stop laughing before community group tonight! Oh, and the frosted brownies are for tonight, so you're in luck! ;)

7TimeChampion said...

13 recliners? What does a brotha have to do to get 1? What the heck is up with that?

The Uptons said...

girl...you just need to pack up and take your show on the road...hilarious!

the Fosters said...

Ok Anna, I have been reading your blog some and you are so darn funny. You should write a book and then from the profits, build your dream house!! Just thought I would say hi! I recently got a blog too, but it is not near as entertaining.
Shannon Foster

Jenny said...

hehehe:) this sister girl doesn't like to be stuck in the kitchen away from the fun, either. open floor plans are the bomb!

Stuart Fam said...

This is a hoot. Eric laughed his head off, as well. House plans should be designed by women! (Did you know bras were invented by men....that figures.)
My house is about as "non-open floor plan" as it gets, but sometimes that is nice...I can hide in the kitchen with my music while the boys in boyland destroy everything else.

Addie said...

You make me laugh so much!!!!!!! So much, I almost pee my pants (which is easier than in high school because I have had 2 children and have to criss-cross my legs when I feel a big sneeze coming on.) Anyway, I still think your posts are wonderful and love them!