Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Date Night.

Last night added up to one great date night. The boys slumber partied with the cousins. It was thunderstorming badly so we decided to pick up Chicago style pizza and bring it home. We had candles, ate on paper plates, drank Dr.Pepper out of wine glasses and listened to Frank Sinatra while we ate.

We rented 2 movies from the New Release dollar thing at Kroger. I don't know why I bother renting movies-I'm never impressed and we usually turn them off like we did last night.

We had a good talk about our parenting goals right now. We have some sweet boys. It was good for us to be able to have uninterupted time to talk about where we are heading as a family and get on the same page. Shane is a great dad!


Megan said...

sounds wonderful!

Jenny said...

I'm jealous!

Is this the same green couch that the were putting in the yard sale?

You'll have to bring Jack over for pics with Piper:)

Jenny said...

Ooo.. find out how much for the chair and couch.. that would be great!!
we're free today/tonight and anytime tomorrow. i have a 1/2 day in-service on friday:(

Stuart Fam said...

What kind of pizza? Sounds yummy! What movies did you hate?