Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Crazy Jewelry Lady!

Oh boy! So, I had a jewelry showing tonight. Let me tell you something right now! I was like Jo Jo the Monkey Girl on a pot of coffee, I was all over the place! You know what though-JoJo made $200 tonight and for that Shane is thankful!

It was my first jewelry showing since I had baby Jack-so about 7 weeks. Oooh honey. Here's what happened. I got really excited last week about starting work again. SO, I decided to listen to an on-line training to get geared up. That led me to 2 more trainings plus a conference call because I got so excited. They all sounded so good that I printed off all 3 show ideas, put them in my neat little notebook I made, and uhhh, headed to my showing tonight. The only problem was I didn't think through the details. You know, the little one's like, "How the heck does all this fit together!?"

I'm excited about my new style though-it is super fun and the fashion part is my new favorite! I am so excited about showing my pieces because they look so good with this season's bright colors.

So, that's all. I acted like I was on crack tonight in front of a room full of women! Nice huh! I'm wired right now! Shane and I are hanging out-he's watching West Wing and I'm playing on the computer and having some fresh vegetables-oh wait, that's not veggies, it's cheese dip and chips. Listen, don't be deceived, I don't keep this figure by eating bean sprouts!!! HA!

P.S. We have had 2 yard sales, and Shane ordered a new camera for us today. Some kind of Canon Digital, 8 mega something or others and it's black and it's really cute and I can't wait to make some videos to post!!!! Watch out, it's about to be video mania on my site!


Jenny said...

sooo funny. you crack me up and yes i'm typing w/ 1 hand:)

Jennifer said...

That's great about the camera... there are a lot of things you describe that I would LOVE to see on video. :-)

Stuarts said...

I would looove to have a jewelry lady like you come to my house. Buying jewelry should be crazy and fun!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got out of the house!!!!! I mean, without kids, that is!