Saturday, June 14, 2008

Forever 31, I mean 21

WHAT IN THE WORLD, WHERE HAS THIS STORE BEEN ALL MY LIFE, IT ROCKS! Today, me, mom and Mamaw were sitting at Chick-fil-A enjoying 3 #1's with extra pickles when I noticed the new store behind the foliage. We went in and oh my goodness gracious I was getting all kinds of happy.

Here are my thoughts:
  • It doesn't matter if the store has a "if you get stuck in it you buy it" policy (haha) the clothes are adorable
  • They don't carry XL's. And when I asked the sales girl if they did, she looked at me like I was a fruit loop. Or was it a look of, "Oh brother, I've seen her type...30+ year old, 3 kids, mini van, should be shopping in the Liz Dept at Dillard's, but here she is trying to make it work out in my store..."
  • Since when did trying on a shirt require a degree in Engineering? You know, truth be told, I can always figure out how the shirts at Dillard's work....

I'm just kidding around, but I have an agenda of things to do in the upcoming weeks, and going back to browse around that store is on the top of the list! Maybe I'll use some of my Canada Day shopping money when I go back. It's July 1st you know!

SEPHORA: I finally experienced this store and it is all it's cracked up to be. Very nice. I tried Amazing Grace and it is equally as good as the Pure Grace. Sephora felt very "QVC-ee", but in a very good way!!! All the hype but no hand models.

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Stuart Fam said...

I really like that store... and their prices, too! BUT...I am with you on the sizing thing. Even the larges fit more like smalls! (I was also getting looks like I didn't belong in there...but I didn't care because I had my sassy hip 19 year old sister with me!) We will have to go together sometime!