Tuesday, June 3, 2008


OH NOOOOOOOOO. I just read your blog and realized that I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY yesterday. One of my best friends in the world and I missed your birthday.

I am thankful for your sweet friendship.

I am thankful that we have great conversations about things that matter. You know. How to have deeper faith. Where to find shallots at Kroger. Fashion tips like buy the shoes first and the outfit second.

I am thankful that our boys have fun playing together!

I am thankful that even though I am completely unorganized and can't remember an important date to save my life that you still love me. You do still love me don't you? :)

You are a fun person to be friends with and you are so stinkin' cute. You are one of the most compassionate and thoughtful people I know. You are faithful to pray for people. You are always searching and asking God to show you more of Him. You are an encourager. And, You make 31 look good! :)


Stuart Fam said...

AWWWW, you made me cry! Of course I still love you. Sad as it is, I know you well enough to know that you just might forget. It was a great laugh. If it makes you feel better, Britt forgot too. That is OK...you can jump on the party bandwagon. Michelle and I decided that you get to start celebrating birthdays for as many days as you are old. I started last Saturday...so I have like 27 days left! Whoo-hoo! Hope your day is getting better. When these swim lessons are over, we will have to get together! :)

Stuarts said...

Sloan will be five in July. He got his big boy bike for his third birthday. It took him a few months to figure out the peddling thing, but once he got it, he got brave. We called him Evil Kenevil (sp?). I think a few more weeks of practicing and he'll have the no training wheels thing down pat. He's VERY determined. And I am too because it's a pain to help him get started 100 times/day.