Thursday, November 1, 2012

Come On In

Welcome to Candy Fest 2012.  We kicked off the festivities with a Jack O' Lantern Pizza.  It's the closet we got to a Pumpkin Patch this year.

Orange Crush was the perfect Spooky sidekick.

This little guy wanted to be an Indian.  He went in the back yard, found some sticks, and whittled himself his very own bow and arrow.  He was mighty proud of that.  We've been reading an Indian book so it's all the rage at our house right now.  His cape was one yard of felt that I cut a whole in for his neck.  Total price: $2.97.

Our friend Kari came over for dinner and some trick-or-treating with us.  She got to see the chaotic fun right up close.

Dad had to work but ran home to pick up something so we took advantage of the photo op.

Batman had a costume malfunction at the last minute-his neck area was too tight which led to a break down and tears.  Frantically I'm searching our closets for a new creative costume, praying for some creative last minute ideas.  Finally I told the little superhero it was Batman or bust.  You see what he chose, but it was a close call!

The famous fireplace picture.

Our friends went the extra mile this year and brought a trailer for a hay ride.  It was muy fun riding down the streets on a hay ride.  Boy did that hay ever smell good and it was so soft to sit on.

Upon arrival home we enjoyed Rotel Cheese Dip with Sausage (so good), Hot Apple Cider and Gingerbread with Cool Whip.  We turned the kids loose with their buckets of candy and sat around visiting.

All in all I'd say Candy Fest 2012 was a huge success.  Let's see...friends, candy, hay ride, beautiful fall evening, good food, dress up clothes, candy for breakfast this morning...I'd say that's all the high points.

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