Wednesday, October 31, 2012

burlap and white christmas

it was midnight as i lay in bed looking at the black ceiling last night.  visions of burlap and white christmas tree mantles danced in my head.  shane will kill me if i re-do our christmas theme but i just can't help but think this is the year for change.

i blame pinterest.  and maybe the revival of burlap.  and the happy burlap french script garland at the shop down the street.  you may not know this but i like to decorate for christmas on november1st.  like, as in, manana.

and i almost hate to come out and say it but i'll tell ya.  i like halloween.  not the devilish stuff but the fun we have at our house every october 31st.  our  friends gather and we take our little superheros and mermaids door to door to get snicker bars for mama to fill their little buckets.  then we all gather back at the house for hot apple cider, gingerbread and other treats.  we'll have the fireplace on and it is all warm and cozy like.  all that paired with the yellow mums is about more happiness than i can take.

for me, october 31st is officially the start of "the all  things wonderful season".  this week will be filled with fun size candy and cooler weather.  in the next week or two we'll go ahead and deck the halls.  i'm tellin' ya, we love us some christmas around these parts.  love it.  love the lights.  all 5 of us.  so we enjoy it for a near two full months.  and let's face it, the day after thanksgiving we're ready to have the halls decked.  i'm all about decking early so i can enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

while we're on the subject, as you might of guessed, we're black friday shoppers too.  girl, we'll go out crazy hair and all, just to find the deal. 

well, i'd better go hop off and give the kids "the talk."  ya know, be kind to the neighbors and when given the choice, always, and i mean always, go for the snicker's or reese's.

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New Every Morning said...

I squealed with delight today as I remembered it is officially Christmas music season in our house. The kids think I'm crazy, but their little sideways grins let me know they like it just as much as me. ;) I'm with ya on this one (again) ;)