Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Waffle House

You know how sometimes you go to a baby shower on a Tuesday night and get to visiting and decide you want to keep hanging out so you and your 2 friends all get in your mini-vans and head out into the Wild Blue Yon to keep up the festivities because you're still young and you can?

Well, that was me last night.  We roll into a local joint around 9:30 only to find out they close at 10.  We were completely appalled and dumfounded to find out every joint in town closes at 10.  This town is a dive.  I found great humor in the fact that the knowledge hit me the way it did, seeing as how normally at 9:30 on any given night I've already been in my pj's for 78 minutes and am lounging happily in my chair with my face in a book.  But some nights you just need a place to go visit with the lady folk.  Some nights you like to pretend that you're still a fun kind of girl with some spring in her step.

Enter Waffle House stage left.  We straight up rolled into the Waffle House.  I was a wee bit overdressed with my diamond studded broach and pearls but they didn't seem to mind.  At the Waffle House they treat you like family.

Karaoke was our waitress and she was the sweetest thing.  Nevermind the fact that I'd already eaten three square meals plus shower food, those hashbrowns topped with sauteed onion and tomato and cheese were calling my name.  They hit the stomach like a lead bomb but for $2.30 were oh so worth it.

And this cup of hot cocoa topped with whoop cream and mini-chocolate chips?  Shut the front door, it was right.

We stayed until midnight.  The jukebox played.  The indigestion was in full swing and us lady folk had us a jolly ol' time.

That brings my Waffle House experiences up to a grand total of 2.

Some would say that's 2 times too many but I daresay I could see another visit in my future.  Where else can you get a Waffle and a Steak after 10 on a Tuesday night?  And you will be completely blown away by the condiment selection on every single table.  Everything from Lea & Perrins to Casa de Waffle (picante sauce). 

And as Karaoke would tell you, it's really the only place the colorful people go after 10.  Most nights you get dinner and a show for under $5.  Now that's what I call a bargain.


The Merediths said...

You need to take your show on the road. You so funny. Waffle House surprises me every time I go. Once every 5 years.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I'm going with you next time.

New Every Morning said...

You complete me. ;)