Thursday, November 8, 2012


I have been reading Noel Piper's book, Treasuring God In Our Traditions.  It is the sweetest, thought provoking little book.  There's a group of us Moms that meet once a week to discuss what we read.  Our little group has been so good.  We laugh and laugh and talk about what encouraged and challenged us.

Our discussions have me thinking about the traditions we've established in our family.  You may be surprised to learn that most of our traditions center around the food.  I'm trying to think about new and creative ways to incorporate Scripture and Truth into the fabric of what we do.

Here's a deep thought I read in the book.  We can't bequeath God to our children.  Only God can bequeath God.  Only God can make Himself known to them.  That's why it is so important that the culture we're establishing in our homes helps point them toward knowing God.  Helps them see what a life lived in the grip of God looks like.

Something else I've been pondering...Grown-ups are the one's who have a history with God.  We're the ones who know the faithfulness of God first hand.  When I read something in Scripture I need to talk about it at the dinner table.  Let them know what I read and what it meant to me.

It's always amazing how I can squander my time away.

I'd say the biggest word on my mind right now is intentional.  Just being intentional with my time and my words.

I'm really processing through how to make the Thanksgiving/Christmas season meaningful and rich with things that help point our family toward God.

My "Be Naughty Save Santa The Trip" is still so stinkin' fun, but I'm wanting to add some Isaiah 9:6 to it.  Wonderful Counselor, Prince of know the one...for unto us a child is born...I just love that verse so much.

One last thought I'll leave you with that I learned from reading this book.  Include our children in the God-air we breathe.  Isn't that beautiful?  Include them in the God-air we breathe.

So between my trying to expand my vision for bringing more Truth into the decorating and celebrating, and Pinterest, my mind is on overtime.  And I'm just warning you.  If you see my decorations and think it's a case of Pinterest Gone Bad, you may be right.  I thought I wanted to switch to burlap, pewter and white but then re-remembered my red and lime green and now I'm just confused.

The tree is up.  Tomorrow we embrace all things glittery and twinkly.  The air outside smells like fireplaces.  Tomorrow is window opening weather.  We're packing Operation Christmas Child shoesboxes this week.  Good gravy I love this time of year!

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