Monday, November 5, 2012

College Girl? Yeah Right.

This weekend we had our annual (and by annual you realize I mean quarterly) shopping trip, my Mom, Sister and me.  We power shop and it is not for the faint of heart.  We meet around 10:30am to start the day of shopping.  We don't leave the mall till the doors are literally closing.

In case you don't know, the department stores start shutting the large glass doors right before 9pm.  We slide in just in the nick of time.  Then we go eat dinner and don't get home till 11pm.

12 1/2 hours of shopping.  That's how we roll.  When every muscle in our body hurts and our dogs are barkin' we know it's been a successful day.  Oh, and when there's a trunk full of bags, how could I forget that part?

I used to think it was unspiritual of me to like shopping.  Now I just own it.  I've been counting gifts I am thankful for and I'm almost to 1000.  Here's #873 and #874...

#873-downsizing closet-ahhhh!
#874-refilling it again-ahhhh!!!

That just made me laugh when I wrote it down a couple of weeks ago.  So this weekend I was in a jewelry store and the salesman Kevin went a little cray cray.  He straight up asked me where I went to college.  I was like, OK.  Now I know you are trying to sell me this pearl right now but seriously!  I've been out of college for almost 15 years.  I wear velour sweatsuits, drive a bus and have 18 kids.

Which brings me to my next point.  I'm 36 now.  I don't know how the heck that happened but it's true.  This morning I was having the best dream ever.  My friend Shelia was selling me her burlap welcome banner and a set of Pottery Barn placemats that were burlap and cranberry, and she was selling em' for $5.  Just as I was about to buy them I was awakened by singing and breakfast in bed!  My 8 year olds famous breakfast toast and coffee.  It was sweet.  Even though I woke up mid transaction it was a great way to start the day.

Should I mention I had a horrible crick in my neck when I woke up?  Comes with the territory I suppose.

It's been a sweet birthday.  Last night we got the house spruced up so this morning it was freshly mopped and the vacuum lines were in the carpet.  I lit my new Aromatique Cinnamon Cider candle while I ready my Bible.  Friday I went antiquing with one of my best friends, today one of my best friends came over to visit (and I spilled her smoothie all over her van on accident).  The boys and I went to Taco Bueno with my Mom and Mamaw.  Tonight we're going to eat BBQ and today was my last day of Weight Watchers.  I didn't go to the mtg. because I've celebrated a leeeeetttttllleee too much this week-ha! 

Tomorrow I'll tell you about my new Weight Watchers plan.

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