Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Poor Patio Chairs

If I ever get my hands on this little guy, he's toast. Yesterday I was on the patio and could not believe it.  One of my cushions looked like it had taken a beating.  My first thought was to question the boys, but the detective in me saw the signs.  My cushion looked just like my hammock that was destroyed.

This morning the kids started yelling, "Come Look Mom!!!"  And there he was.  Just goin' to town on my cushion.

We opened that door and said this is NOT Bed Bath & Beyond so you can take your 20% coupon self and get on outta hey-ah!

He gone.  And he took his new down comforter with him.


Laura Klenda said...

LOL at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Our pup's life goal is to catch a squirrel...maybe you need to borrow her for a bit? :)

Autumn Watson said...

ergirl you made me laugh out loud. 'he gone'. hahahahaaha

Anonymous said...

Now that's some stuffing gone wrong :o( Poor little guy missed the whole Thanksgiving idea didn't he.

Well, Santa, we know what the kids'll be needing in the spring.....

Love Ya....Y'Mama

Carleigh said...

This is so terrible! Ugh! Little critter!! on another note, your photos look really great!! profesh!!