Thursday, March 1, 2012

Be Careful What You Read

I have had this "coffee table" book for a couple of years.  I probably bought it because the cover was pretty and I like simplicity.

Several nights ago I decided to dust it off and actually start reading it.

Something in my spirit was not feeling right as I read.  Red flags were going up as I read but I could not discern why.  Some of the things I was reading felt right, there are Bible verses in the book, but I was unsettled as I read.

Today I decided to Google the author to see if I could find out why the flags were going up inside of me.

Here is what part of the author's bio said, "Candy’s open approach to spirituality draws insight and wisdom from many spiritual traditions."

Dadgumit, I knew it.  I knew something was not right about this book.  There are some treasures I uncovered.  BUT, even though I'm just in the beginning stages of a beautiful covered book that has some truth in it, I'm throwing the book away.

We live in a world where the enemy wants to clutter our minds with things that are not truth.  I'm not willing to finish this book (even though part of me wants to and I hate to throw a pretty book away), but it is not a chance I am willing to take.

We need to fill our minds only with things that are truth.  Some would accuse me of being narrow minded and I am OK with that.

The Truth, found in The Word (John 14) clearly says that Jesus is the only way.  The only way to get to the heart of God.  Jesus is the only way to have relationship with God.  The world says let's draw a little from here and a little from there.  That is not what God calls us to.

So, be careful what you are reading.  Be careful what you are letting your babies read.  And, if you have to throw away a pretty book in the process, do it.

I'd rather err on the side of only filling my mind with truth.  The world and its influence is already loud enough around me, I don't need to willfully add to it by reading something that is not fully pointing me toward the one and only God.

So long book.  We're going to try to fill our home with only things that honor God and point us towards His Heart alone.  There is no other name under heaven by which we can be saved than Jesus.

(p.s. spell check is telling me I have misspelled Dadgumit, how do you spell it?)

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Leslie said...

A friend of mine once captured those thoughts beautifully when she said, "I don't know about you, but I sure wouldn't eat chocolate chip cookies made fresh with rocks inside."