Monday, March 26, 2012

Finding Facebook Freedom

There is something about unplugging for 4 days that brings things back into focus.

I spent the last 4 days with no technology.  Just spending time with family.  Relaxing.  Playing games.  Eating good food.  The trifecta baby.  The place where you thrive.  The place where real life takes place.

Today after a conversation with a friend I am thinking about blogs and Facebook.  The technology that I hate.  That I love.  That I hate that I love.

Thinking about the lack of accountability for time spent on these two things. 

Do you and I have the freedom to as much access to technology as our little hearts desire?

Is it OK that there is no filter on time spent browsing the web?

When we shoo our kids away because we're "busy", does that bring honor into our home?

I'm thinking through accountability in this area. 

When I came to my computer there were 97 emails waiting me.  It took about 5 minutes to delete most of them and respond to the most pressing.  What I would normally spend hours a week on took 5 minutes when dealt with in condensed form.

The rest of my time has been spent in life giving activities.

So the thing I am pondering.  Having Shane have my password to Facebook and only checking it once a week when he logs me in.  Boo.  Yay.  No interaction with the world.  Important interaction with those that matter most.  Seeing what you are doing.  Actually doing something in my realm.

What do you think?  If Facebook and Internet robbing you of real life?


Kelsey said...

I have blogged in the past and do not now. My blog is private because I have not updated it in nearly a year. I also quit Facebook cold turkey two years ago in June for good. I missed the interaction with my plugged in friends for a while but really enjoy the peace of not having a Facebook anymore. It is SO time consuming. I enjoy reading blogs and spend too much time doing so and have been thinking about placing a limit on how long I can read blogs & PIN! After quitting Facebook, many of my friendships faded and I lost touch with a lot of people, but I feel as though you have to choose what's right for YOU and YOUR family & if that means losing touch with 200 FB friends so be it. Sounds harsh, but it's liberating! =)

Anonymous said...

Well now you know I've always got something to say......

I think Facebook, the Internet, iPhones, etc. all have a place in moderation. Yeah, there's that word again - moderation. And I like what Kelsey said - you have to choose what's right for you and your family.

I think we lose a lot..a communicating mainly/only through typewritten technology. If someone or something matters, why not just TALK?Then you get to see or hear pauses, inflection, caring - things you can't HEAR in a text message.

I do love that I can get information on the Internet - I'm always asking "What did we do before the internet?" But I don't want it to be a controlling factor in my life.

It's OKAY to not be available to the whole world every minute. We have to make ourselves available to be still with God, and with our loved ones.

Glad you asked - ha!!!!

Love Ya Bunches and do keep the Blogs coming :)


apriltindall said...

I just stumbled on this post, Annabanana. I agree with the love/hate of media and tech... but I also run a business and live far from all family... so, my working solution is that I SCHEDULE an allotment of time to check in on friends, make updates (like tonight) and skim through the rest. It really keeps me accountable and I still get to "talk" via tech to my friends and loved ones who are away from me. Good thoughts, girl! Thanks for the post... even if I am a little late to the party here. :)