Friday, March 9, 2012

Green Walls, Linen, Seagrass

I love Hancock Fabrics. 



I have a dream of re-doing my front room.  Painting the walls green.  White accents on the wall.  Seagrass lamp shades.  Framed old sheet music in weathered frames.  Linen colored curtains.

Today at Hancock's I asked the sweet lady if she'd clip me off a sample of fabric.  She clipped me off a quarter size piece (that is a VERY SMALL sample people).  It fell out of my pocket when I got home.  I had no idea.  Until.  Shane started vacuuming.

All of a sudden everything went slow-mo and Chariots of Fire started playing as I looked down and saw my pitiful sample lying on the floor about to get sucked up by the vacuum.

It was too late.

I suppose there is only one solution.  Go back to Hancock's tomorrow.  That is the right thing to do?  Right?

(Shhh, I also NEED the burlap lamp shade I found today.  My brass lamp isn't going to
know what hit it after I slap some white paint on it and give it the new shade.  Such love.)

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