Thursday, March 15, 2012


Here is an example of my list-the number beside each thing represents how many I want to have on hand at all times.  Grocery stores use FIFO (first in, first out).  It's a technique used to manage your inventory.   If you use 2 cans of Rotel and you always want 4 cans on hand remember FIFO.  When you get home from the store, don't just put your Rotel in the front.  Move the older cans to the front and put the new cans in the back.  That way your canned goods will not loose expiration because they got lost in the mix.

Canned Goods
tomato paste 6
tomato juice 4
large Campbell's tomato juice 2
whole tomatoes 2
black beans 4
pinto beans 6
green chilis 4
cream of chicken 4
cream of potato 4
cream of mushroom 2
golden mushroom soup 4
french onion soup 2
beef consumme' 4
corn 6
green beans 6
rotel 6
chili beans 2

taco seasoning packets4
Lipton Onion Soup mix 4
Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix 4
chili powder
beef broth powder
chicken broth powder

(I am new to the beef broth powder and chicken broth powder but they are great flavor enhancers and are only $2.69 on sale at Kroger.  They are by the broths.  You can toss some into your rice or add water to make quick broth.  A lot cheaper than a can of broth!)

baking soda
baking powder
chocolate chips
all purpose flour
self-rising flour
sweetened condensed milk
brownie mix
cake mix

sour cream
cream cheese
cheddar cheese

(I've got to interrupt here to say it never occured to me until yesterday to keep dairy stocked in my fridge. I typically only buy sour cream if we are for sure having Mexican that week...but there are times I wish I had it. Keeping it stocked is such a simple solution! If you have sour cream, cheddar and cream cheese there are TONS of things you can create.  The expiration date is pretty far away on these things so think about that as you buy.  Even if you're not using it in the next week or two, chances are the date will give you several months to work with)

peas and carrots 2
green beans 2
pie crust 2
boneless, skinless chicken breast
1 lb ground chuck packages 5
miniature Reese Cups (for MAMA!)

(I buy my meat at Kroger in a 5 pound package, bring it home and divide it up into 5 smaller portions and freeze them)

peanut butter
flour tortillas
tortilla chips
angel hair pasta 2
bowtie pasta 2
elbow macaroni 2
Jiffy corn muffins
crystal lite lemonade
Ramen noodles

I'm keeping this list in my kitchen to make revisions over the next week or so.  In my next post I'm going to share some of these recipes.

Are there some staples I am missing?  My next post I'm sharing some "Pantry Recipes".

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