Monday, February 27, 2012

So Many Things

There are so many things I needed to do today.

Like lesson plans, grading papers (haven't tackled since before the Holidays LAST YEAR), and grocery shopping.

Nothing says I love you like plenty of toilet paper and we have one roll left.

It's been 10 days since I grocery shopped and I'm a once a weeker.

That's why we had Ramen noodles, one pizza from the freezer, leftover fettucini, little smokies and applesauce for lunch.

My fridge is clean as a whistle now.

I use that term lightly because what I'm really trying to say it's empty.

This morning when I was being "matter of fact Mommy" I knew a nap was for sure on the agenda today.

What? You don't know "matter of fact Mommy?"

It's the tired me. The one where I am not nice or mean, but I'm not playing around either.  And they know it.

Considering how tired I feel today, it's been a semi-productive day.

The clothes got washed. Lunch was unearthed from out of nowhere, a list for the store is made, dinner is cooking and everyone slept.   Not bad.

1 comment:

New Every Morning said...

Matter-of-Fact Mommy puts her foot down here too. Since my kids no longer nap, they've learned to hide. ;)
Or at least let me nap.
The last few times I've opened my fridge, the light almost blinded me. Gotta go to the stoe!!!!