Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Are You Waiting?

Are you waiting on God for something?

Has He whispered something to you about who you are and what He intends for your life and now you are in a waiting period where He seems silent?

His silence is for your preparation.  He is calling you to something and you have to be prepared.

The waiting time is a good thing.  Like most disciplines, waiting does not feel good.  In God's hands though, waiting is a fruitful thing.

I am reading the book, Visioneering, by Andy Stanley.  If God has given you a vision for your life, read this book.  If you feel you lack vision but want to live life on purpose, read this book.

One thing I am learning is that a good idea can be accomplished from my own strength, knowledge and resources.

A GOD IDEA, the divine kind, well that is limited only by God's potential and resources.

"We must focus on what God has called us to do, not on how he is going to pull it off.  Staying vision focused keeps us God focused.  The vision is a reminder of our dependency.  We remain aware that if God doesn't do something, there is no going forward.  For that reason, people with vision live with a sense of expectancy.  They look for God to do something.  They live by faith in the truest sense of the word.  That is, they are living as if God is going to do what they believe he has promised to do!

In light of a divine vision, our daily faithfulness takes on new significance and importance.  It is no longer faithfulness for faithfulness' sake.  There is something important at stake.  If a visionary doesn't act, something significant won't get done.  Believers with vision live with the knowledge that how may come about independently from their planningBut it will not come about apart from their faithfulness.  Faithfulness is critical to success." 

-excerpt from Visioneering pg 57-58

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New Every Morning said...

Needed this today, friend, as I wait (somewhat patiently) to follow the dream He has placed in our hearts.