Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sample Schedule

6am: (OK, 6:45am): Bible and Coffee Time
8am: Exercise
9-11am: Get Ready/Load of Laundry/Housework
11-1pm: Lunch/Time With Kids
1-3pm: Rest/Nap Time
4pm: Dinner Prep
5pm: Dinner At The Table
6pm: Free time
7pm: Baths
8pm: Bed

Do you find it hard to set up boundaries in your day? How much access do people have to you? Do people's access to you effect your productivity? Today as I was folding laundry I was thinking about the olden' days. When you lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere with your family and spent your days (I'm guessing) tending to your house, food and family. It was hard work but it was a simpler time.

Yesterday I deactivated my Facebook account (temporarily I think). It was so hard to shut it down. It is something really enjoyable for me but it's a time waster and until I can get my ducks in a row it has to stay off my plate.

Take the phone off the hook. Oh I love this one. In the afternoon, from around 1-3pm my phone is off the hook. I don't silence the ringer I take it off the hook. No phone calls to return by looking at caller ID and no interruptions.

Turn your cell phone off. It's awesome. If you are spending time with family, friends, or just taking time for yourself turn that puppy Off. Feels good. My mom always used to take the phone off the hook during dinner. It told us that our time was important and other people could wait.

Take a staycation. Leave a recording on your voicemail telling people you'll be back May 11th. Do you need some time away from everything? Give yourself the freedom to take a break.

I've got some fun pictures coming your way. Day 2 of having some routine and less time on the computer has yielded some great things in my corner of the world. My house is looking awesome. I dusted a layer of dust that I'd be ashamed to give the amount of, but it is looking and smelling good.

I got Mr. Bugs to move 2 armoire's for me last night with strict instructions from him that this better be there new permanent home. Heh heh heh, I said, Sure, OK Honey, Sounds great.

What about you? What boundaries do you set in place for your days?


Becke' said...

i am so exited he moved the armoires! i can't wait to see the big reveal!

Nic said...

I don't have facebook anymore either. When big daddy gets home I try my best to stay off the phone and focus on him and the kids. Great post....really!!

New Every Morning said...

Okay. I just responded to your email 2 minutes ago and asked about facebook. Obviously I was behind on my blog reading for the day.
(Please tell me it was you emailing me and not some crazy stalker acting like you) If it wasn't you, please let me know. Just in case. ;)

Amen and amen about the boundaries. The computer can suck the life out of my day. I've started limiting my email/blog/ surfing time. I'd much rather be outside with the kids, esp. before it gets too hot.

One boundary we've tried to keep is family dinner TOGETHER at the table at least 5 nights a week.

Anonymous said...

AWWW Baby now you know i juss took the phone off the hook cause us fat girls like to EAT!! heeheehee

This is a good reminder of what's important. You hear it until you're almost numb to it, but these days go fast.

And then they're gone and you canNOT get time back. Or childhoods. Those sweet precious moments that come only ONLY when you have allowed the time and your attention to catch them.

Smart you all are to savor these moments. You have much pulling at you and competing for your time and attention.

Remember Martha & Mary? And Jesus' response to where we should focus?

Life is sweet and family is precious.

Well said, Little Un.

Love Ya Crazy Bunches,