Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This may be going out a little late but I need to cancel the Summer Casual Dressing Event for this morning. I woke up feeling super dizzy today and am not feeling well :(.

If you happen not to check this before you come that's OK. We'll sit around and watch the room spin together. It will be fun.


Jennifer said...

Maybe I can come when you reschedule. It sounded like fun but I didn't see your post until about 9 this morning and knew there was no way I could make it! Hope you're feeling better. Dizzy is no fun. Well, kids think so, but grown-ups usually don't.

New Every Morning said...

Hope you are feeling better ASAP.
So sad I'm going to miss this event, sounds fun!

{lori beth} said...

I just saw this today, so hopefully you will reschedule! It sounds like a lot of fun!