Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It's been official before but now it's official official. You know the we wrote a $500 check to buy materials official. We're not buying a white conversion, I don't crank out my own grain, I secretly hope the denim jumper from Chadwick's makes a comeback but I try not to dwell on it and we are homeschooling this little boy starting August 16th. We got to pick our start date and everything. The decision to start him at age 5 or 6 was hard but I asked lots of moms with boys and they all gave unanimous advice. Enjoy that last year with him at home. Give him the gift of time. I wouldn't take this year back for all the money in the world. But now, sweet little 6 year old, we are getting ready to enter a new era and your Daddy & Mommy are very excited about it and the big grin on your face when you hear us talking about it tells me you are ready too.
This is him getting his first Bible on his birthday. Today when my husband and I went to choose and purchase curriculum for this little guy it was so exciting. Watching Shane write that check filled my heart with so much joy. We don't buy lots of stuff but this was one investment that felt so joyful. He'll actually be part of an accredited Christian Academy and he'll get report cards and stuff.
Of course I have to throw in another picture because that's the kind of Mom I am. This was a Saturday morning. A girl in our area was raising money for missions. We looked out our window and our yard was filled with monkey's. Don't you love that morning hair? I could eat him up. Except for when he's smiling at me at 6 in the morning.

Today was the last day of Bible Study, the boys are done with Speech Therapy and our schedule feels free. Summer break is the best feeling. I'll try not to dwell on the fact that my boys are getting up at 6am-ish. I'm praying it's just an awful phase that will pass quickly.

Last week I had the idea I'd give up cream with coffee in the mornings in an effort to loose a little weight. I'm proud to announce that campaign lasted 8 hours. What was I thinking? Temporary insanity I guess. My friend Michelle told me something that I've been trying.

She said think about your hunger scale. 1 is I am starving 10 is Thanksgiving dinner full. To loose weight you want to be in the 1-5 range when you eat. I like this approach. Except for the good Mother's Day food I ate all weekend it's been working well. Do you think I was leaving an entire enchilada from the best Mexican place this side of heaven on my plate? I think not. I do hope there is good Mexican in heaven. Surely.


New Every Morning said...

Aww, what a big official moment!
You won't regret it. Congrats!

Leslie said...

I'm so glad you made a decision you are "full of joy" about! Congratulations, homeschooling momma! Now, what did you choose? Are you guys going to the convention tomorrow? We decided that we would benefit from the classes at the NW AR convention more, so we are waiting a week and going to that one. Ehh, maybe a convention is a bit much, but we are REALLY excited about it! Hope L loves school!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited that you're taking the "official official" plunge Anna.
We'll have to check in every once in awhile during the homeschool journey. It's so crazy how it varies day to day. Yesterday I was ready to list my kids on craigslist. Today, we finished everyone's work by 11:00, the baby was an angel, the toddler sat in his seat and played "twains" the whole time without hitting anyone or stealing anyone's crayons. My daughter even took it on her own initiative to tidy up the upper level and vacuum to be a blessing to her parents. It really is an awesome road...but there are some days when I want to pull every hair out of my head and drink a big bottle of something that would make me pass out.

I feel so honored to have "made it" in your blog. Especially since I've dedicated myself to it, right underneath my quiet time with the Lord. Just a little "correction" the hunger scale is 0 to 10 :) it comes from the ministry of "Thin Within" :)