Friday, May 7, 2010

Food Reviews

This week has been a Pioneer Woman Recipe week at my house. She has a website with wonderful recipes or you can purchase her cookbook which I hear is great. Let's start with the sides.

Restaurant Style Salsa- (click on words 'Restaurant Style Salsa' to the left and the recipe will come up in another window...***** I rate this Five Stars*****, you can toss anything you have into a good salsa. The key-Food Processor, fresh cilantro, canned tomatoes, salt, onion. After that lime if you've got it and fresh garlic if you've got it.

Pico de Gallo- *****I rate this Five Stars***** Amazing! Once you make her Pico you can toss it with an avocado for Guacamole.

I made the salsa a second time and added more onion to make it a little more chunky.
Simple, Perfect Enchiladas- *****5 Stars!***** These suckers rocked. My pan held 16 enchiladas. The left overs are yummy too. (side note: be careful about your enchilada sauce. I bought the Mild Las Palmas 28oz can and it was too HOT...I've tried the Kroger brand and it is not as spicy)

Refried Beans: I learned how to make these from my sister The Spunky Kiwi. You put a large can of beans in a pan, spoon a little taco sauce on top, top with fresh grated cheddar and bake alongside your enchiladas.

Brisket, Baby- *****5 stars!***** When I make this again I will use LOW SODIUM SOY SAUCE. The marinade calls for a cup and a half I believe. I used regular soy sauce and it was REALLY salty. I happen to love salty food but your average Joe would probably thank you for choosing low sodium. Check out her link on this one. It's a honkin' slab of meat that will sort of freak you out as you are cruising around the grocery store with it looking at you. BUT, it is worth it. 2 days of marinating 1 day of cooking filling your house with an amazing BBQ joint smell, and days of left-overs and meals.

Night 1: Brisket, Mashed Potatoes, a veggie

Night 2: Cowboy Nachos-put meat & cheddar over chips and bake till cheese melts. Serve with Pico & Salsa

Night 3: French dips. Put meat on hoagies or french bread topped with Pepper Jack, Provolone or whatever cheese you like.
You can also freeze the chopped brisket you don't use this round. Fabulous investment of time and money. You buy a 10 pound brisket (mine was only $1.88 a lb) and it goes a long way.

I'm not skinny so you know you can trust me on these that they are all great.
(if you see one of The Pioneer Woman's recipes you like, click on the link and at the bottom of each of her recipes you can print the recipe out!!!)
Bon Appetite and no you cannot blame me if your buttons start popping off your jeans and yes I will go shopping at Lane Giant with you if need be. Thank you and have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

You make everything look so AMAZING! What kind of a camera do you have??

I meant to tell you the other night...I didn't mean to say that my fat pants are size 10's. I only have size 10s in my closet.....I'm fitting into size 14...and that's even a struggle. Ugh :)

It was so fun to talk to you the other night. Love you! And congrats again on your promotion!!!!

The Spunky Kiwi said...

Yummy!!! I think that looks like an AWESOME dinner for a nite in Branson??? You is "Da Cook"! I know that someday mom will tell me all about my adoption and my world will make complete since- being as you and mom can cook like crazy- and I lack any sign of that gene. But thanks for the props on the beans...I just saw Taco Bell's and thought that looked like what they do- HA! Happy early Mother's Day!!! See you tomorrow!

Sandy said...

I made this salsa a few weeks ago & my DH said, "I don't care if you never BUY salsa again! This is so much better than any brand we have ever had!" I need to make a new batch...

New Every Morning said...

girl, girl, girl.
I wasn't hungry when I started reading this post. Now I'm ravenous. Especially for mexican food. I could eat it 5 nights a week. Seriously.
Thanks for sharing these recipes... I was in a cooking funk. Now I'm armed and dangerous!