Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hair Cut

Well today I made some big plans. We're going to Dallas to visit family AND I have an appointment at at one of the hottest Salons in Dallas (or so their web page says anyway!) to get my hair cut.

If you know me you know that the last almost two years I've been on the Curly Hair bandwagon. I got Lorraine Massey's book Curly Girl and she got me all hyped up on going curly. 60% of women have curly/wavy hair ya know...and it turned out I was one of them. Please don't x out yet I wanna tell you about my curls. I have really lazy S's meaning my hair is not super curly. HOWEVER my new hair coming in like at the base of my neck looks like ringlets. CRAZY! The thing I like about wearing my hair curly is how easy and fast it is. It is also perfect for Summertime. Wash and go, I have time for that! Plus, have you noticed how trendy curly hair is? I have friends getting perms people. That's huge.

Every month when I'm PMS'ing I want to put the hack on my hair. ( you like that southern talk?!) I have officially hit just the skanky (spell check wants me to change that to swanky but that would be a lie) phase of having long hair. It never feels cute to me anymore so I am going to Marc and am going to let him do whatever he wants and turn me whatever color he wants. Unless of course I chicken out last minute and just get a trim...NOT! I really am letting him do whatever he wants with my long old half blond half not hair.

In other news my friend Becke' (and maybe Stephanie? is this what you're doing Steph?) told me about a website called EMeals. It looks very interesting. For $5 a month you get a weekly menu plan complete with a shopping list. You can go to the site to view a sample plan. You can choose low-fat, regular, low-carb, points system or vegetarian. Then you can choose your grocery store-Wal-Mart, Kroger, Publix or ALDI.

As I peered into my pantry for lunch thinking to myself What The Heck's Wrong With Me We Have No Coherent Items In My Pantry For Dinner And Maybe I Need To Do A Blog On Pantry Staples To Get Some New Ideas...I felt like a big old hypocrite somehow. I love to cook but lately have been feeling like the Grocery Store Drop-out. No, that's Beauty School Drop-Out, I meant to say I've been feeling like a Grocery Store Failure.

Lord have mercy when I left the store last Friday I whipped in to get us a pizza for dinner on the way home. Props to me, I know. Sigh.

Can we talk about my hair some more? What if I look like a total freak after my cut? And what if he dies my hair some nutty color? Will a summery shade of OPI on my nails and a cute purse be enough to divert the eyes from my head? On the other hand, what if the Paparazzi starts chasing me because Marc lives up to his 28 reviews on the web? What ever am I going to do?

Promise me if I'm back in the next two weeks crying a river you'll stick by me and come eat ice cream and chocolate cake?


Paige said...

I promise. I'll be there with/for you. I got my hurh did today...heavy hi-lights and a bob for summer. I LOVE IT! It was way over-due. And, for the first time in a long time, I didn't consult with anyone before I did it. That was very empowering! (o:

Anonymous said...

How about we eat chocolate cake and ice cream when we CELEBRATE how rocking' awesome your hair is going to look?!!! I am excited about this, girlfriend!

The Spunky Kiwi said...

Woo-Hoo!!! I can't wait to see what he does! We broke down and told the kids about Six Flags (we stink at surprises). But they are so excited and now they will have a full week of anticipation! This will be so fun! What is he says he wants to dye your hair black and give you a good ol' Dorothy Hamill cut??? I will step in and save you from the Boy George/Pat jokes...

Anonymous said...

LOVE YOU for sharing about the emealz. I'm TOTALLY doing this next year!
We usually do freezer meals---but this looks really fun and homeschoolish and I'm digging it! Plus, it's Dave Ramsey endorsed.

With eating from 0 to 5 and having a plan to help me save maybe we'll pay off our mortgage in the next year!!!!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

p.s. that last anonymous is from your PD sister, Michelle :)

Jenny said...

can't WAIT to see it:) I'm actually getting a body wave in the next couple of weeks b/c my hair is SO uber THIN!!
We can eat ice cream together with our new hair!!

The Disheroons said...

You go girl. I am all for change. If you don't like it, don't worry it will eventually grow out.

New Every Morning said...

I'm all about a new "do". Go for it, it can always grow back.

This normally straight-haired girl had fuzzy hair in our 100% humidity today. Sigh.