Thursday, May 27, 2010

Little Old Lady

I feel like a little old lady talking about the weather lately.

But dang, it is smokin' outside. The humidity is like a sauna.

We are definitely cheerful, open up the blinds kind of people but the last couple days I've had them only partly slanted open to keep it cooler inside. Very frugal of me I know. No, it's not a frugal effort as much as an I've got to find a way to cool down so I can keep my make-up on effort.

I guess now I should talk about my regularity. Yeah right.

The big boys and I are reading The Chronicles Of Narnia. It is really sweet and they are eating it up.

This is really riveting reading today I know you are glad you stopped by. So, are you joining a pool this summer or buying one of those above ground jobbers?


Jenny said...

They'll love Narnia:) I'm on a search for some good books to read to the boys. We've read Narnia, Ralph E. Mouse;0), and are finishing Little Pilgrim's Progress but I just don't know what I want next. I've bought several little House on the Prairie books but am not sure the boys will like them;/ Any other ideas of good books???

Susan said...

I haven't decided whether to give up on wearing make-up or just reapply after sweating it all off after stepping foot outside.

About the pool... I know it's just me and not a family, but the pool on Tyler is where I plan to be again this summer on my days off. It would be nice to see you out there :)

By the way, try the infusion necklace as a bracelet. Looks really good and I had a lot of complements :)