Monday, December 15, 2008


Are you kidding me?

I drug my sick self to Wal-Mart to get some meds and got a call saying, "Come home now, it is sleeting."

Yup, it's an icy mess outside.

The exciting news is I got a Tomato/Cheese Freschetta pizza, and Pepperoni for the boys.

We are on a popcorn/M&M's kick so that is also on the agenda for today.

Also on the agenda, a long nap for me because my head is killing me. Jibs is a little under the weather so I bought him some Tylenol. Over $7 for his bottle. Yikes. He's worth it though, being all cute and everything. I can't tell if he's getting a cold or if it's the #7 & 8 teeth coming in that's causing him trouble.

This morning he was coughing in his crib, and said, "Ma-Ma." Yesterday when I left him with a sitter he said, "Ma-Ma" as I was leaving. He loves his mama. Little tater tot! And he's crawling everywhere. The floor Nazi is having to kick it up a little because he finds everything. He's like a Roomba only cuter.


Jennifer said...

Wow, he's lucky he's cute, so he can have his Tylenol! :)

Mmmm, we had pizza for dinner the last couple of nights. Time for something healthy tonight.

Katie said...

It was good to talk to you too. I miss you. I just got caught up with your last several posts. I am super impressed with your Christmas decor. You go. We had a great time, but missed the kiddos. Your blogs made me smile and remember why you are my friend. I'm so lucky! Love ya.